Prenatal Education

The best way to prepare for your baby is to learn & educate yourself as much as possible before they are here! As a doula & childbirth educator, it is my goal for you to enter your birth feeling prepared & educated. In my personalized prenatal education sessions, I will ensure you & your partner are feeling ready and excited to welcome your new baby!

Why prenatal education?

Prenatal education is the perfect time to learn what to expect during labour & delivery and in the postpartum period. You will have the opportunity to ask all of your questions and ask for resources or referrals. If you want the guidance and support from a doula & childbirth educator then the birth prep package is perfect for you!

Here are a few things we do in our meetings together;

  • Discuss the labour & delivery process
  • Practice comfort measures & labour positions
  • Chat about how your partner can best support you
  • Learn what to expect in the postpartum period
  • Discuss feeding options & practice feeding positions

Learn what to expect in labour, birth, and postpartum!

I offer free, no-obligation meetings that serve as a chance for us to get to know each other and discuss the services that would best suit you and your family's needs.

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The birth prep package

The birth prep is a time to learn about the labour & delivery process, practice comfort measures, learn how your partner can support you, and for you to ask all of your questions. 

What's included? 

  • FREE 30-min consultation
  • 2, 1.5hr meetings
  • Option to add texting support for 4 weeks
  • Takeaway resources & information

Virtual birth prep

This is the birth prep package done over ZOOM meetings.

What's included? 

  • FREE 30-min consultation
  • 2, 1.5hr meetings over ZOOM
  • Option to add 4 weeks of texting support
  • Takeaway resources & information